The finishing touch to your product, the hallmark of your brand. Whether it be the model name or the product logo, you are guaranteed to find a suitable product from 3D Lettering wide range of badge technologies. 3D Lettering designs all products in-house, meaning you could have your brand simulated in the various technologies facilitating aesthetics and budget requirements during the decision making process. In addition, 3D Lettering badge products are high quality automotive grade, ensuring that your brand remains pristine for years to come.

Domed Decal's

Optically clear, durable polyurethane resin-cast products are designed for vehicle emblems, branding on point of sale stands, key-rings, folders, cap emblems, shoe inserts, fridge magnets, licence disc holders, pens, mobile phones, and many more. Resin-cast emblems are highly durable and will remain pristine for years.

Our Dimensional Graphics emblem solution offers a cost-effective, aesthetically different alternative to other emblem type products. Advantages of the 3D Lettering dimensional graphics emblem solution include that it can be screen printed and foiled, and single lettering is achievable without additional cost.


Industries We Serve
  • Automotive Industries

  • Marine Industries

  • Industrial Equipment 

  • Brand Engineering

  • Brand Advertising

  • Information Technology

  • Hospital equipments

  • Electronics & Appliances

  • Leisure RV Industries

  • Agriculture Equipments

  • Government Agencies

  • Marketing & PR Agencies

  • Food Industrial Equipment

  • Printing Equipments




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3D Lettering Corp. is the premier designer and manufacturer of innovative graphic products for many markets.  While the information contained in this website is available for public viewing, 3D Lettering   products are only sold "business to business" and are not offered for direct sale to consumers.

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